Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)




I am not MOH employee. Can MOH help me go back to Saudi Arabia?


All NON-MOH Health Care Personnel need to:

1-     Register themselves to MOFA by their Sponsor in Saudi Arabia and acquire HAYAK number.

2-     Your Sponsor has to send official request to MOH Office in Delhi-India.

3-     The Letter must have the below mentioned information

·        Passport Details

·        Valid Exit Re-Entry Visa Details

·        Job Region Name

·        Hayak Number

·        Iqama Number

·        Your Sector

·        Name of the Hospital

·        Foreign Employer ID


Already registered in the electronic link. What is the next process?


You have to contact to your sponsor to re-new your exit re-entry visa and arrange for your travel. (Updated 15-09-2020)


I am getting error on MOFA site “No Application Found for Passport or Iqama Number”


Contact your Hospital or Sector immediately to add your Iqama / Passport in MOFA site.


Employees Exist Re-Entry visa has expired? What I should do?


You have to contact to your sponsor to renew your exit re-entry visa (Updated 15-09-2020)


I have a dependent along with me (Child). Her Exit Re-Entry Visa is expired and she would travel with me as my husband is in KSA ?


You have to contact to your sponsor to renew your exit re-entry visa (Updated 15-09-2020)


Nurses are in cochin how would they know about the departure flight?


Only if you have Hayak number, Saudi Airlines will contact you.


Employees MOH ID is not working?


You may update it by clicking here:


I don’t know about my MOH id? How will i get one?


You may update it by clicking here:


Employees have registered through their personnel email address and not MOH ID?


You can register through your personal email id, only if you have the Hayak number.  


Employee wants to know if they can return back or not?


All MOH and NON-MOH employees will return to Saudi Arabia after finishing all India-Saudi government requirements


E ticket number is a mandatory field and i don’t have a ticket number?


Put the code 1122334455


Employees contract ended and have received the confirmation about final exit and i am still in Saudi. How can i return back?


You may contact your region’s HR Department.


My departure city Trivandrum is not there in the option / Kozhikode also not there.



Select the nearest International airport under Saudi Airlines network.


Which name should I enter in hospital -Can I write contract hospital or working hospital name


Working hospital name


My name on visa is different and name on iqama is different / PP another name - what name should I enter


Please enter the Name as in Passport


While putting Visa number. It is showing an error. What to do ?


Request you to remove 0 and type the remaining numbers. It will accept it.


I have a new born baby. The child is only 56 days old. Does not has passport or Visa. Can I register him as a dependent in the form?


No, you can not register him without passport


What number should I put in Job Number -Computer number or employment no with MOH.


Employment number with MOH.


39420/30 - in what format to enter - MOH JOB NO


Just enter 39420 and proceed.


I have renewed my Iqama for 2 years till 2022 but MOH account showing Iqama expiry date differs


Request you to contact support (IT Team) it is available in MOH web / Send mail to


My work location is Dammam. The flight is from Cochin – Riyadh. How will I reach my job posting city.


The ticket will be issued to your final destination (Updated 15-09-2020)


Can I postpone my flight if I don’t want to travel in this batch.


No you cannot. Travelling to join your duty is mandatory. You can contact HR department at your Region/Hospital for this for more information. If there is no official communication from them we cannot help in this matter.


Do I have to do any test before leaving Cochin or before I travel?


Yes, Passengers are not allowed to board unless they provide a negative result (PCR) test from a verified laboratory abroad, and must be done not later than (48) hours before arriving to the Kingdom (Updated 15-09-2020)


Will we receive confirmation email requesting us to upload the Passport and Ticket copy.


Please keep a close eye on your mail as you will receive the email from

It will guide you to upload all the requested documents via mentioned link. Just follow the procedure as a tool.


I don’t have a return ticket or my flight ticket is cancelled and I don’t have a ticket copy to upload.


Upload the ticket copy - RIYADH - COCHIN (issued by MOH or on which you travelled).